February 3, 2024


J.D. Wilson Responds to Biden’s “Wag the Dog” Response to Iran

Candidate for U.S. Senate shocked at Biden’s response to the deaths of three American soldiers and calls actions “Feeble, gutless and an invitation to further aggression and loss of American life.” 


Michigan businessman and candidate for United States Senate J.D. Wilson issued a statement regarding President Biden’s response to Iranian-backed militias attacking and killing American soldiers in the Middle East.

“President Biden looks to be giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies as they wage war on us in the Middle East.  Hundreds of attacks and his only response is to blow up a few sheds in the desert after giving them six days warning?  This response is feeble, gutless and an invitation to further aggression and loss of American life.  It is obvious that this is not an appropriate response and being done solely for political reasons to use military action to help his terrible polling numbers,” stated Wilson.

Wilson also laid out his Middle East philosophy if elected to the Senate.

“I will support Israel against Hamas and strangle the terror state of Iran with sanctions while giving our men and women in uniform the tools to protect them.  If Iran continues their reign of terror then I would favor blockading their oil exports and shutting them down while finding ways to undermine their nuclear program through intelligence level activities.  Obviously the Biden / Obama bribes of cash have failed to deliver results so it is time to speak to the mullahs in a language of strength they will easily understand.”

An early leader in the technological revolution, Jeff (J.D.) Wilson was born in Southfield and raised in Lansing, Michigan. He graduated from Lansing Eastern high school in 1984. Afterwards, J.D. attended Michigan State University where his abilities to identify the future utilization of technology grew beyond traditional educational methods.  In April of 1994, J.D. launched his IT career for Compuware Corporation, assigned to State of Michigan PROJECT MAIN where he participated in the modernization of Michigan’s statewide accounting and procurement systems.  J.D. Wilson is a devoted family man who has successfully raised four wonderful boys into now young men with his loving wife Lynda.