“Michigan deserves a voice

in the U.S. House who puts Michigan working families and businesses first, not China and radical special interests.  As a small businessman who has used technology to save taxpayer dollars and make government more efficient, I will fight to stop Joe Biden’s war on our middle class by supporting policies that lower inflation and out of control spending, crack down on crime and illegal immigration while strengthening our national defense by standing up to China and bringing supply chains and jobs back to America and Michigan where they belong.” – J.D. Wilson

My Priorities.

End the Biden-flation War on Middle Class Families 

I will be focused on shutting down the out-of-control spending by Joe Biden and the career politicians in the U.S. House that have caused the runaway inflation that is strangling our middle-class families.  Trips to the grocery store and filling up at the gas station have become a challenge for every Michigander. 

By stopping the wasteful spending, unleashing American energy and bringing supply chains back to America by making our nation job friendly to manufacturing and small businesses, we can move our nation forward again. 

Defend the United States Constitution

The Constitution is under attack by radical leftists like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Elissa Slotkin.  By sending me to the United States House of Representatives, you will know you have a leader on the floor of the House who is fighting to protect your rights. Attempts by the extreme socialist left to pack our courts with radical judges will be met head-on with resistance. I will support conservative judges who interpret the law, not rewrite it.   

I will defend our Second Amendment rights and be a loud voice for free speech which is under attack from the corporate and social media giants. I will support a culture of life and protect our election integrity while also making sure our separation of powers between the three branches of government is secure. 

Protecting and Fighting for Michigan Agriculture

Our farmers both large and small here in Michigan are essential to our economy and to America’s security.  We have a proud and rich history of being a key part of feeding our nation.  I will support policies that benefit our farmers and protect them from overregulation. Further, be a strong voice in Washington for this critical part of our economy that is good for the environment and keeps trips to the grocery affordable for Michigan families.  I will also support a ban on China buying American farmland and expand our ability to open new markets across the world to our agricultural products. 

Cutting Taxes on American Families and Businesses

I will support making the Trump tax cuts permanent and reduce other taxes that punish everyday Americans.  Even excise taxes on growing industries like wine and beer must be looked at for reductions to encourage small business growth and lower prices for consumers.  I will also support continued tariffs on Chinese products to protect our manufacturing industry and encourage them to stop dumping products here that kill good paying jobs in Michigan. 

Putting Government on a Diet

As a reformer who has built my career on making government more efficient and reducing the size and scope of government, I know how to fix problems and make government run more like a business.  Put simply, our government is too big and spends too much and we must cut the fat out of the system.   

Top to bottom, we must re-evaluate every area of the government and reduce the number of government employees while returning accountability.  We will start with the IRS and rolling back the COVID-era level spending increases that have fueled inflation and run our national debt to unprecedented levels.  I fully support zero-based budgeting, a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution and ending the federal bureaucracy’s war of regulation on American free enterprise. 

Support Innovation in Technology and Healthcare

Americans deserve the best healthcare in the world.  By encouraging our entrepreneurs in these areas with low and fair taxes and utilizing our research capabilities we can continue to find new cures and treatments for disease in this new frontier we face.  As someone who has built a business from the early days of America’s technology revolution, I understand the challenges we face moving forward.

Secure the Southern Border and End Illegal Immigration

The Joe Biden / Elissa Slotkin failures to address the border crisis must end.  We must simply finish securing the southern border and begin deportation of the millions who have crossed our border illegally.  This is costing American lives, billions of dollars and endangering American security. 

I will support security arrangements with Mexico to fight the cartels that are delivering fentanyl and engaging in human trafficking at an unprecedented scale to give them the intelligence and firepower needed to take down these criminals. 

Make Criminals Feel Like Criminals Again

For too long our cities and now our suburbs and rural areas have been held hostage by criminals.  We know what works; strong law enforcement, tough on crime judges and prosecutors as well as a commitment to put these thugs away for a very long time to protect our families and property from these predators.   

Peace through strength was always an important and correct philosophy in our foreign policy.  We need to send a message to criminals that the party is over, and the innocent victims of their crimes will be our priority.  Hard time for hard crimes includes increased federal penalties for fentanyl dealers and human traffickers as well as holding local prosecutors accountable for released criminals who re-offend. 

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