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J.D. Wilson Responds to Colorado Supreme Court “Democrat Insurrection against democracy” that throws President Trump off the ballot.

Candidate for United States Senate shocked at the actions of the Colorado Supreme Court and vows to support judicial appointments to prevent the political corruption of our courts by radical socialist judges seeking to end democratic elections. 


Michigan businessman and candidate for United States Senate J.D. Wilson issued a statement regarding the recent decision by the Colorado Supreme Court to prevent former President Trump from appearing on the 2024 election ballot.  Every justice on the court was appointed by democrat governors.

 “President Trump is once again being targeted by his haters on the radical left who will stop at nothing to throw him in jail and use any means necessary to bring socialism to this country.  Election interference is one way to describe it but put simply, this is nothing less than a democrat insurrection against democracy,” said Wilson. “Whether you support Donald Trump or not, the people of America have every right to decide and elect their leaders without elitists, socialists and the D.C. swamp telling them who they can choose.  I will stand up and call out this continued persecution of conservatives at every opportunity.”

Wilson also laid out his judicial appointment agenda if elected to the Senate.

“I will support constitutional conservatives for the courts to re-balance our country away from socialism and towards freedom and will also support jurists who are looking to rein in out-of-control state courts that are throwing out the constitution to serve political party bosses.  It is time to clean up our courts and get them back in the business of protecting the people from criminals and those seeking to infringe on the rights of our citizens.”

An early leader in the technological revolution, Jeff (J.D.) Wilson was born in Southfield and raised in Lansing, Michigan. He graduated from Lansing Eastern high school in 1984. Afterwards, J.D. attended Michigan State University where his abilities to identify the future utilization of technology grew beyond traditional educational methods.  In April of 1994, J.D. launched his IT career for Compuware Corporation, assigned to State of Michigan PROJECT MAIN where he participated in the modernization of Michigan’s statewide accounting and procurement systems.  J.D. Wilson is a devoted family man who has successfully raised four wonderful boys into now young men with his loving wife Lynda.