January 25 , 2023


Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is Definitely not Michigan

Bailed on Michigan.  Joined the Fake News Media at CNN.  Has he moved back to Michigan yet? 

Mike Rogers is a career politician / television personality looking for a new gig.  Now Mitch McConnell needs someone to play the part of a Senator from Michigan who he can control on issues like stopping the Trump immigration agenda and giving unlimited foreign aid to the Ukraine and other countries.

We all know Mike Rogers had bailed on the people of Michigan and moved away for good.  That was until Director Mitch called with an audition for the part of United States Senator from Michigan.  Now Mike Rogers has to move back to join us here in Michigan for the audition.  He hopes to rejoin his CNN team and Director Mitch back in the Swamp thanks to their special interest campaign dollars and velvet glove treatment from his liberal media pals.

 “It would be nice if we actually saw Mike on the campaign trail,” said senate candidate J.D. Wilson.  “It seems to look like he believes spending time to meet voters or debate the issues in Michigan is beneath him.  He has a lot to answer for including his evisceration of privacy rights and years of big spending.  Michigan needs new voices and leaders at every level who want to fix problems and solve issues.  Voters are tired of having to choose failed politicians who are fossils of the past, looking to relive past glory or to pad their Florida retirement income.” 

Michigan Republicans are looking for a fresh face with courage and new ideas to move Michigan into the future.  J.D. Wilson, a newcomer to running for office, is a conservative fighter who will take on Washington, solve problems and speak truth to power.

“Michigan’s families and small businesses don’t deserve a part-time Senator who is too busy working on his tan to fight for their future every minute of every day.  The Senate needs a leader from Michigan to take the lead to stop the Biden inflation and immigration crises and end the out of control spending and debt that Mike Rogers helped create.”

An early leader in the technological revolution, Jeff (J.D.) Wilson was born in Southfield and raised in Lansing, Michigan. He graduated from Lansing Eastern high school in 1984. Afterwards, J.D. attended Michigan State University where his abilities to identify the future utilization of technology grew beyond traditional educational methods.  In April of 1994, J.D. launched his IT career for Compuware Corporation, assigned to State of Michigan PROJECT MAIN where he participated in the modernization of Michigan’s statewide accounting and procurement systems.

J.D. Wilson is a devoted family man who has successfully raised four wonderful boys into now young men with his loving wife Lynda.