January 18, 2024


J.D. Wilson Unveils Funding Plan for Generational National Mental Health Initiative after Iowa School Shooting. 

Businessman calls for end to Cannabis prohibition with full federal legalization and accompanying banking reforms to deliver federal resources to where they are needed for schools, law enforcement and research to protect school children and address this epidemic that affects millions of Americans.


Michigan businessman and candidate for United States Senate J.D. Wilson today announced his promised funding component that he would support to pay for a federal initiative to address the mental health crisis facing our nation.  The recent school shooting in Iowa once again brought into the homes of every day Americans the price of inaction on an issue that encompasses so many problems we face including fentanyl overdoses, veteran PTSD and homelessness.


“I fully support ending the failed prohibition of cannabis and believe it is time for federal regulation, licensing and taxation.  To fully address problems like mental health we must do everything possible to use sound financial policies to pay for them.  Legalization of cannabis is a way to accomplish that goal and has the added benefit of having already been utilized medicinally to address some of these issues already, in particular, veterans who have returned home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after serving in combat.”


Wilson began laying out his vision for potential legislation that he would support if he is elected to the United States Senate from Michigan in November.  He will continue to address this issue as the campaign moves forward.


  1.  Securing our children and teachers by increasing their security and support specific grant programs to allow local schools to help pay for on-site police officers, increased counseling for youth and security hardening of school sites.
  2. Support a full public awareness campaign on mental health that is a required regulation and financial requirement for big media companies as a condition of their federal licensing requirements.
  3. Specifically block grant to states adding resources to those who expand health coverage to cover mental health counseling and addiction services.  Every child under age 18 should have access.
  4. Reform banking laws to bring the cannabis economy out of the shadows while also supporting a direct federal excise tax on cannabis products targeted specifically to pay for mental health.
  5. Direct grants to community organizations that specialize in trauma counseling, especially for veterans with PTSD and victims of sexual assault.
  6. Expanding research by NIH and our universities to learn more about, and find ways to address and cure, those suffering from these challenges.  These must include deep research into possible damage that social media and phone screen-time usage are having on our kids and their mental health.

From school shootings to veterans affected by PTSD, we must have a national strategy that is build on a foundation of school and public safety, increasing awareness and diagnostic tools and access to treatment-all with the accompanying and appropriate funding streams necessary to start reversing the negative trends,” stated Wilson.  “We all know the funding is the essential component and I am out front and leading the way on this issue.  I solve problems.  Politicians don’t.”

An early leader in the technological revolution, Jeff (J.D.) Wilson was born in Southfield and raised in Lansing, Michigan. He graduated from Lansing Eastern high school in 1984. Afterwards, J.D. attended Michigan State University where his abilities to identify the future utilization of technology grew beyond traditional educational methods.  In April of 1994, J.D. launched his IT career for Compuware Corporation, assigned to State of Michigan PROJECT MAIN where he participated in the modernization of Michigan’s statewide accounting and procurement systems.